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  • Shenzhen VKE Packaging Design Co., Ltd.Longhua: A620, Qingchuangyuan, No.1 East Ring 1st Road, Longhua District, Shenzhen
    Dongguan:603 Weisheng Building, Baifeng 3rd Road, Zhangmutou, Dongguan City
  • Phone:134 2434 4690
  • WeChat:vkedesign
  • Core Business

    Shenzhen packaging design company, electronic product packaging design, mobile phone accessories packaging design, Bluetooth headset packaging design, mobile power packaging design, Bluetooth Speaker Packaging Design, digital technology home appliance product packaging design, data cable charging line packaging design, USB charger packaging design, beauty Instrument packaging design, tempered glass packaging design, Dongguan packaging design, LOGO design, VI design, Custom packaging design, Headphone packaging design, Car charger packaging design, Car holder packaging design

    About Us

    Shenzhen vkedesign is a strategic design company with brand packaging design as its core and the goal of building and disseminating brand value. Ten years of brand design services, with a stable, efficient, professional creative team full of user thinking, accumulated rich experience in brand practice, point-to-point integration of creative thinking, preparation of strategic visual language, to maximize the effectiveness of your brand communication.